Our Planet, Our Rights, Our Voices!

Terre des hommes international federation & Childrens enviromental rights initiative


childrens advisory council for the GC26


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Kinderrechte allgemein / Basiswissen, Umwelt & Klimaschutz


Children are demanding a safe, healthy and sustainable world that respects their rights. Together with the General Comment No.26 Steering group, the Children’s Advisory Team has created Our Planet, Our Rights, Our Voicesa Children’s Global Charter. This is a window into some of the key messages, stories, and calls to action children shared as part of the global process of creating General Comment No.26. As far as possible, it uses children’s own words to illustrate their visions for a clean, healthy and sustainable world.

*Our Planet, Our Rights, Our Voices is not an official document of the United Nations Committee on the Rights of the Child.